Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What makes your office a great place to work?

Probably a few of you out there have worked / do work in a really great office environment that seems to stir you towards productivity.

What is it about your office that does this? Is it the highly motivated people you work with? It is the coffee shop just over the road? Is it the fabulous layout of the space? Is there something airy and fresh about your office - perhaps that window which you open that lets in the afternoon breeze? Is it the sensational lunch that gets laid before you on Friday afternoons?

I would love to know what it is for you. Put my tick in the box 'Good coffee shop over the road'.

By all means - if you don't work in an office, we would still appreciate your thoughts. One of the highlights of working on a farm (which I did in another previous life) was jumping in the dam at lunchtime on a hot day.

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