Friday, September 26, 2008

Parallel lines and a road to somewhere

Avenues of trees, Corinthian columns, monoliths. We love 'em.

But why? What is it about the engineering of the human mind that loves not only the concept of straight lines, but parallel lines, and preferably with a path down the middle?

This one leads to the Governor General's residence, and is especially impressive. But why? Why does it feel so impressive?

And - come to think of it - why am I so obsessed with photographing trees?


Allan At Farcountry said...

this is a great shot! Chris and I love trees, and the patterns formed.

Adriaan said...

Thanks, mate.

I am fascinated by trees. In different settings they appeal to me in different ways.

Trees in their natural state have a certain majesty, but so also those deliberately planted into patterns.

Wherever there are trees in a landscape, that is where I find my eyes drawn to.