Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feral, gross, grotty, yuck.


This used to be one of my baby sister's favourite words.

It was a word that could be applied to any rabbit the cat had partially digested in the confines of the outside shower, or to any pimple-faced teenager attempting to grow a beard.

It's also about the only word I can apply to the inside of our garbage bin lid.

Even though at least twice a week I attack the bin with mountains of paper towel and Sugar Soap and Glen 20, I still can't seem to win this war of defestification (enjoy using that word before I take out copyright on it).

Why can't anyone design a bin that doesn't end up grossing out the general populace? Doesn't seem to matter whether it's got a swinging lid, or a pedal lid or if it's just a plastic bag hanging on the inside of a cupboard door; they all end up gross - especially when prawn juice gets involved (you cringing yet?).

Why can't anyone seem to build a bin without lots of nooks and crannies for grot to hide in? How hard would it be to make a bin that doesn't take ages to clean properly?

Someone, anyone, please, please do something. Anything. Anything to defestify the world's bins.

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