Friday, September 19, 2008

After the fire

As I was cruising back along the Putty Rd today out the back of Woop-Woop, I was struck by the large number of trees affected by a recent bushfire.

Whenever you see a parcel of bush that has been hit by a bushfire perhaps some 6 months to 2 years previous, it’s the contrast to the blackness that you notice: the bright green epicormic shoots exploding from the eucalypts, and the vibrant new under-storey growth.

It’s a parable of human existence too. That sometimes we have to go through the fire for new things to be birthed. That sometimes all those ideas we held at no cost are subjected to a blast of scrutiny, and we come out the other side of that ‘humbling’ more vitalised though chastened, more certain of that which has weathered the heat, and perhaps more hopeful.

Sometimes we have no choice but to stay in the kitchen and wear the heat – and yet live to see what newness emerges out the other side of it.

In other news, yes, you will probably have noticed that my blogging has now officially missed a day. Ahhhhh!!!!

Although I wrote the above post (and this frustrated comment that follows it) on the 18 September, there’s not much you can do about a Virgin Broadband wireless connection that absolutely refuses to work no matter how many resets it goes through (this network has been trouble for us from day one). I generally like Richard Branson’s planes, but his internet pretty much sucks.

I guess this has forced me to realise the inevitable anyway: that sooner or later I was going to be forced to miss a day – was expecting it would probably happen during our trip to Tassie in November. Oh well, happened a little sooner than expected; that’s life.

If our internet’s not up-and-running by the morning (which I doubt it will be), then I guess I’ll be blogging at work over lunch. Hope you can all hold out until then. If you need support, I’d recommend you call LifeLine (I’d give you their number if I had access to the internet). So probably ‘000’ will do the trick for now.

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