Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stop and smell the roses

What do you like about the geography / weather of the area you live in?

Yesterday, we were back down in the St George region catching up with some friends for a birthday brunch (Happy Birthday, M.H.!).

It's been nine months since we lived in these parts, and one of the loveliest things about the area is the seabreeze. Just when you think you're about to boil away on a summer day, the breeze rolls through in the afternoon.

We used to open up both doors of the house (front and back), and let the breeze roll down through the hallway. Amazing.

We miss that in the west. It gets that bit hotter out here, and the air seems to sit pretty still. Besides that, we don't have many mature trees out here - and nothing cools an area like trees.

Nevertheless, we're super-close to the edge of Sydney here. Literally five minutes in the car, and you would think you were in country NSW (if you don't believe me, take a drive along Richmond / Blacktown Rd past Rooty Hill Rd North). I think that's pretty cool.

What do you like about the geography / weather of the area you live in?

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Jemimah said...

Despite the snakes and dive-bombing magpies, I love being near a swathe of bushland. I equally love the hilly aspect of the valley - so far it seems to have shielded us from some of the worst affects of local hail storms, but there often seems to be a breeze (probably set off by a truck on the M2) to set the trees rustling.