Monday, September 1, 2008

Travelling light

Off on another work jaunt tomorrow - this time Adelaide. City of excitement. Yeah. Oh yeah.

For a few days, life packs down into a suitcase.

Kind of strange, isn't it?

We spend our lives living in a space that we fill with all kinds of stuff. Even just in terms of 'the basics' (as we know them) we seem to have so much.

But then we go away, and it all comes down to a few shirts and socks and undies in a suitcase.

For some people, the suitcase I'll take on the plane would more than contain their life belongings.

Funny how our western opulence makes us redefine what 'the basics' really are. I'm not even so sure that my trip to Adelaide has really helped me appreciate what 'travelling light' looks like.

Perhaps I need to go back through our photos from China to remind myself what travelling light / living light looks like.

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Allan At Farcountry said...

isn't it true that travel gives us perspectives. when I left China I only had one suitcase and a bag. Now I have a full house hold of stuff, so moving around definitely remind me that our possessions are not forever lasting....