Saturday, September 13, 2008

There is a season, turn, turn, turn ...

Was today February or what?

Out in our part of the world - the 'wild west' - the mercury was clocking up to 32°C in the heat of the day. At 6pm it was still sitting on 27°C.

It's been months since our air conditioner has been fired up. Today it was time to push the little green button again, and send the electricity meter spinning.

The callery pears on our street have come into a burst of white flowers after months of bare, leafless twigs. It was shorts, t-shirts and sandals for everyone, and time to change over to cotton linen.

With this turning of the seasons, we know more will come. The jumpers will get packed away, the kikuyu will have a stretch and a yawn after its dormancy, and fire back into life again. The shadecloth will go back up over the concrete slab near the back door.

Winter is officially over (I think). Despite today's mini-heatwave, I love this first flush of warmer weather.

What do you notice most about the changing of the seasons? What signals to you that winter is over?

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jordan said...

When we get to see proper daylight outside of work hours, we know that winter is ending. Its incredible what a difference being a bit further south can make...

we're dreading how we will cope with a hot summer once we are back. Need to rent somewhere with air conditioning.