Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A mark in stone

It's been some 4 years since posting here. I had tried to log back into this account a few years back without success ... but just tried it on a whim today, and *presto* here I am!

A lot has happened in that 4 years. I still have my small firm, Bumble Creek Initiative. Mostly, these days, Bumble is my landscape maintenance company.

2 years ago I went through the life-transforming experience of becoming an EMyth coach. I had been interested in business design for some time, and was gently urged towards becoming a business coach. 

I am now partner in a small but growing practice, working with two people who are a thrill to work with each day. We get to walk with others whose long for their lives and businesses to be more intentional. It is wonderful work.

I don't expect anyone will read this, but it just somehow seemed appropriate to stop by and leave this note, like a chiselled mark on stone ... even if it just sits here and slowly weathers away. The life is not in the mark, but in what the mark points to. And that is alive!