Friday, September 12, 2008

Say 'Hello', wave 'Goodbye'

Have you ever parted company with something only to regret it later on?

Occasionally, our company gets involved with sportsfield renovations. When you're doing your research for a renovation, one thing you will do is go out to the existing ground, have a dig around and remove some soil for testing.

At the start of the year, I bought myself a small trowel for this job. But a small trowel won't get you down to 200mm, which is the sort of the depth we want. Nevertheless, I don't feel like carrying a full-size shovel in my car all the time when it only comes in useful once every few months.

What's needed is a handy mid-size shovel that stores easily but digs well.

And we used to have one. That is, we used to have one before we got all motivated last year and gave away a whole lot of junk that never got used.

I can still see it - it would have been perfect for my car. But where is it now? Rusting away in someone else's garage until it gets thrown away after their demise.

Right now, I miss it. A lot. Would have been perfect.

But hang on! I think dad and mum had a similar one in their garden shed! Better get on the phone before they go to bed ...

What have you parted company with that you really miss now?

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