Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Christmas comes ... late

Yes, it's October and Christmas has come late for our office.

This morning I walked in to find a decent stack of various Belgian beers (over fifty bottles) adorning our main meeting table. It was a [nice] surprise.

This is last year's Christmas present from our international supplier who is based in - wait for it - Belgium.

Each year they send us a gift (normally beer) at Christmastime, but strangely, last year's gift never showed up.

The boss was over at the warehouse yesterday doing a stocktake, when he noticed several containers of Belgian beer - our 2007 present. He was then told by the warehouse manager that these have been sitting here for 'quite a while'.

So they're a little dusty and cobwebbed, but welcome. Most of them are still within their drinkable life, though I'm sure sitting in a warehouse in western Sydney isn't the best thing for them.

Moments like these are unexpected and sweet. It was nice to be able to come home on a stinking hot day with a swag of Belgian beers for the fridge. I think the apparent randomness of it makes it the more delightful. Cheers!

When were you last surprised by an unexpected (but welcome) gift?

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Allan At Farcountry said...

I like Belgium beers, they are nice. When I visited my uncle there about three years ago, we went to the supermarket and got many different brands of Belgium beers. They're very tasty, smooth, and rich.