Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making the most of a break

It's been a great day on the farm, doing all the things we can't do at home: climbing big stacks of compost with the kids, finding some wildlife walking across the front lawn (which was promptly moved away from pets and into a dam), chainsawing some timber for home, walking / driving in the bush, and catching up with people who matter to us (which is why I clean forgot to blog last night).

It seems to me that these are the breaks we always enjoy the most: not those where we just 'blob', but those where we are rejuvenated by appreciating the uniqueness of what's around us - all the things we can't do at home.

What are the things you enjoy doing most on holidays that you just don't have access to in your home environment (besides sleeping in - which doesn't happen if you have young children on holidays anyway)?

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