Monday, October 20, 2008

Start 'em young?

Kids are like little sponges - quick learners with the ability to recognise patterns. They also love bells and flashing lights.

At 8 months' of age, Elisha is already taken with technology. Sure, he loves a wrestle with his brother, and chewing on things, but as you can see, when the little screen glows, he tunes in.

Who knows what the future will open to them in terms of technology? One thing we do know is that their world will be significantly impacted by it.

How do we introduce them to the technologies that will mould their world without leading them into an excessive dependence or reclusivity that sees them retract from the normal stuff kids have always done?

What criteria do you / would you use for working through how and when you share new technologies with your kids? And how do you help them to integrate their grip on technology with their tree-climbing and wrestling and scribbling - or do they seem to sort out that 'balance' for themselves?

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