Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What good company brings to a good company

I had the pleasure today of meeting two of the international heads of our business who've come out for this week from Belgium. We will spend the next few days in meetings with them.

As we drove around Sydney today and got know each other a little, it was obvious that these are quality people: there is a measure of integrity, a lot of honesty and plain-talking, very little pretence.

Certainly, the quality of the people who guide our work at a global level makes a great deal of difference to the pleasure of the work, and the integrity with which we are able to operate in Australia.

It seems a solid combination that surely has to translate over into so many other enterprises: a great technology to work with, a strong background in research, and people with backbone and principles.

It adds a lot to the pleasure of working. It would be a much harder job to do willingly if we were dealing with shysters and con-artists.

Integrity doesn't just exist in a great product; it has to sit in what and who surrounds it.

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