Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long weekend traffic snarl: why we did it

Stuck in traffic.

This is not an ideal way to begin the long weekend.

Here we were, two small boys asleep in the car (for who knows how long?) and the traffic is crawling - not even registering on the speedo. We're on the F3 heading for the Coast.

The sign says 'Possible traffic delays'. As if. We probably knew it deep in our hearts before we even left home: 'Inevitable traffic delays. Pack a survival kit and a space blanket.'

I don't know why we're doing this. Everyone is doing this. And we knew they would. Yet we're back here again, getting ready to employ those skills I learned years ago about identifying bush foods and sleeping rough under a plastic sheet.

Eventually, the traffic begins to move. Relief - and the boys are still asleep.

Finally, we get close to our destination, and the boys are just stirring into life. Caelan is all sweetness and light (a little unusual following an afternoon nap).

We roll in the driveway on the other end. The familiar cows are in the familiar paddock. The familiar dog barks, and Caelan (with much excitement) spots Opa's truck in the shed.

Now I know why we, like everyone else, did it.

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