Monday, October 27, 2008

From a tree to a chair

This has been my latest project in the shed - the process of transforming a chunk of tree into a stool.

I've done a few of these stools, and there's something really cool about taking a piece of timber you've harvested yourself and turning it into piece of useful furniture - it's a bit like eating fish you've caught yourself.

Every time I use our wooden stool at home, I remember the fun I had making it and feel some sense of pride. Sure, it's a very utilitarian piece of furniture but the simple fact remains: when I first met it, it was still sticking in the ground looking every bit like a tree stump.


Geoff said...

talking about fish - when do you want go and catch some?


Adriaan said...

Hey, thanks.

Much wet a line soon.

Will shoot you an email!

Glad to know you're alive.