Sunday, October 26, 2008

Haste and the unappreciation of what is

This is not artsy; it's called haste.

This is what happens when you zoom through life, snapping randomly as you go.

This is where a moment of beauty deserves to be lingered on, but is barely sipped - all in the name of expediency.

This is where any beauty captured is serendipity.

So much beauty a blur - for the sake of a few minutes' gain.

How much beauty is lost (and much sensitivity to beauty lost?) through the urgency of haste?

Is vulgarity, exploitation, monstrosity the greatest enemy of beauty? Or does beauty's perennial enemy reside in our restlessness?

1 comment:

Jemimah said...

Or... maybe you just need a camera with a really really fast shutter speed.

And image stablising.