Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Small familiarities

My boss has just upgraded my work car.

While the Subaru badge remains the same, the model change has been from an Outback to a Forester.

There are plenty of 'family similarities' - if you drive a Subie, you'll know what I mean. There's a quality of handling and fit-and-finish to these cars that seems to hold across the range.

Yet it's the small differences that you notice. Like the first time I turned on the headlights, and discovered that the dashboard was still blacked out - where is the dimmer? Like the first time I hauled out the GPS and went looking for the cigarette lighter port - it's moved!

There's little things I'd gotten used to in the Outback which are a bit different here. I think in some ways a car you've driven for a while, and customised to suit your needs / habits, is a bit like an old pair of shoes.

The time comes to part, and sometimes it's the little things you miss the most. But then, like every new pair of shoes, eventually the relationship settles in, and new, small familiarities creep in and take up lodging.

(I already love the snazzy dashboard-top glovebox - a great place to store my shaver.)


Fiona said...

Having driven a few different Subarus we think that it would be downgrade to go to a Forester from an Outback! Go the Outback!!

Adriaan said...

Yes, I still prefer the Outback. However, the Outback I was driving was a 2000 model with 280,000kms on the clock.

Another Outback would have been nice (more practical for our family), but I don't work in a democracy!

Anyway, nice to be in something newer.