Thursday, August 28, 2008

All the trimmings and then some

Babies don't know the meaning of 'travelling light'.

Okay, maybe it's the parents of the babies who don't get it. Or the designers. Or someone.

Why is kids' stuff - especially baby stuff - so clunky in design, so bulky, so excessive? It doesn't seem to matter what it is: high chairs, prams, nappy bags - even slings (a simple string bag won't do anymore)! "More is more!" appears to be the slogan.

When you pack to go away, the ratio seems to be around 2:1 (baby luggage: parents' luggage). You can't even go for a short walk down the street with your baby without heading out the front door loaded down like a Pakistani bus.

Look at poor Elisha here - nearly stranded, lost in his high chair. The object here is simple: food in the mouth. And the means? A massive contraption that takes up half the dining room complete with what looks like rescue harness equipment.

How is it possible that the smaller the person, the more space their stuff will occupy?

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