Friday, August 22, 2008

Being sick and working ...

... doesn't work.

It's no fun to try and use your head (for thinking or speaking) when it feels like it's stuffed with sawdust, newspaper and mucus. Yum.

Of course, these things always happen at the worst times. This is the busiest time of year for us, and I'm really loathe to slow down for some insidious virus (which kills several hundred thousand people each year).

Of course, Cara is supposed to play the role of 'commonsense monger' at this point and tell me that a day of rest now will save me two or three days off work later.

But it's sometimes hard to see that. A long view is hard to adopt when you feel pressure and urgency. Plus, I like my work. I don't need to stop - right?

Okay, well we're on the edge of the weekend, and maybe that's a good thing; a bit of enforced rest. After ignoring the doctor's certificate I was given this morning, I feel pretty awful tonight.

I guess it's the old 'marathon vs sprint' thing. Guess I want the best of both worlds at the moment. But the flu won't let me have it that way. Dang.

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