Saturday, November 8, 2008

Will Stelvin put a cork in it?

For quite a while now debate has raged around the controversy that is Stelvin caps.

I believe that once and for all this test (and its outcome) settles the question.

Wine that is sealed with a Stelvin cap (now commonly called the 'screwcap') is now deemed worthy of consumption by the masses.

It will be fascinating to see where this whole debate sits in ten to twenty years' time. I was stunned even the other day walking through Dan Murphy's looking at the bottle tops, and could almost hear the sighs of relief from the ancient cork trees of Portugal.

I gotta admit it though: I still miss the 'thwuck' of pulling of the cork on a Coonawarra Cab Shiraz, and doubt that it will ever be surpassed by the sound of unscrewing a Stelvin cap (which is audibly more like a pixie cracking all his knuckles).


boxofficegirl said...

Hello again, my husband would agree with you about missing the 'thug' of cork.
Love the pictures of the boats and the layout of your blog, I have added you to my list of blogs to follow so do feel free to drop any time.

Adriaan said...

Hey, thanks again.

Cheers for adding me to your blogroll. Will get over there and check out your stuff.

Thanks for the feedback on some of the blog visuals. I don't have a brilliant eye for that stuff; just try to add a little colour now and then.

jordan said...

Hey Adriaan,
sorry we missed your call again. Long story.
I tried to send you an email the other day, but didn't have your address. Sent it to Cara's one instead but not sure if it is the correct one. Could you fire me off an email so i can send it on properly?