Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The stories in the scars

I wonder what stories this fig has to tell - the scars indicate that it's had its fair share of scrapes with storms, competitor plants, pests and arborists.

It all adds character.

It's no different with people: so often, the stories are found in the scars.

And yet in the healing of the scars comes strength, character and beauty.


boxofficegirl said...

Hello, I found this site because we both like the music of David Gray. Just having a little look around and saw this post about scars. What you had written was very moving and heart warming. I rather see things this way myself and I might use this idea of scarring for some of my future writing.
Might drop in again if that's OK?
Best wishes to you all.

Adriaan said...

Hey thanks. I guess one of the things I love about David Gray's music is the ability to name the 'scars' of life without a prevailing sense of bitterness.

Of course you're welcome to drop in any time - thanks for stopping by.