Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new day: Bumble Creek Initiative

As of 12.32pm today, I've got a new name to work with.

It's a new chapter. Not really sure which one, or how far through the story we are, but it's a new name to live and work with.

At lunchtime I registered 'Bumble Creek Initiative' as my business name. It was a strange feeling walking out of the Office of Fair Trading having exchanged $160 for a new piece of paper to adorn my home office wall.

There is no website at this stage, but something may change on that front some day soon.

Registering a business name is an odd thing to do when I'm still sorting through exactly what I want to offer the world. There are a few options afloat, but whichever way I choose to jump the passion is to work profitably for the good of people and planet. Good design is central to that.

Some of what I choose to offer is the development of business proposals. I've already recently begun my Cert IV Training & Assessment (TAE 40110), and have an opportunity to develop some training at a local government level.

So many people have nurtured the seeds of hope along the way. We're still in seedling stage in many respects but it's good to be alive, to be growing, to be contributing.

'Grateful' and 'hopeful' are words that have a special resonance this afternoon.

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